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Mayan Consultants International : 2009 Kerala Tourism Pitch

This campaign for Kerala Tourism was done quite a while ago, (please note it was QUITE a while ago) as part of a strategy planning exercise. It was in copy form and never visualized. SG decided to take some time out and helped me out. It is not fully finished yet:)

KERALA TOURISM (Unreleased work. Part of a pitch exercise that happened QUITE some time back)

A) Public Opinion Ad

Headline: She helps feed 11 lakh families and we call her "AIDS Madama"
Visual: Picture of a foreigner asking for directions and locals ogling her
Body: Tourism in Kerala accounts for 11 lakh jobs and 525 crores to the states GDP. For God's own country she is a blessing. For heaven's sake don't turn her away
Tag: Kerala: Gods own country.

Headline: Veetil vanna mahalaksmiye….(When fortune knocks on your door)
Visual: Picture of a foriegner asking for directions
Headline contd…….. puram kaal kondu thallaruthu(Don't turn her away)
Body: Daivathinte swantham nattil oru kollam 11 laksham joli avasarungal evar nalkunnu. Veetil vanna mahalakshmiye puram kaal kondu thallaruthu...(In Gods own country, every year, tourists account for 11 lakh jobs and add Rs 525 crores to the states GDP.For heaven's sake don't turn her away )

Tag: Kerala:Gods own country

Headline:Adhiti Daivo Bhava
Visual: Foreigner interacting with locals
Body: Daivamayi karuthiyillenkilum manushyarayi karuthuka.Daivathinte swantham nattil oru kollam 11 laksham joli avasarungal evar nalkunnu. (Even if you don't worship them as a divine beings, treat them like human beings. They account for 11 lakh jobs and add Rs 525 crores to the states GDP. For God's own country, she is a blessing.
Tag: Daivathinte swantham nadu
(The figures are relevant for 2003 , so now you know when this was written:))

b) To promote Backwaters :



Headline: If happiness has been on the back burner, may we suggest the backwater cruise
Visual: Serene shot of a cosy couple lazing on a boathouse in the backwaters. The scenery around to come. Medium to tight shot. Easy font no geometric blocks seamless layout.
Body:.Its goodbye to the noisy crowds, metal monsters and asphalt. Its time to sink into the cradle of comfort .The one of a kind boat holiday on the quiet backwaters of Kerala. The only crowds you see would be a forest of coconut trees lining the shores or probably a school of fresh water fish just visible in the sparkling blue waters...

Tag: Kerala: Gods own country

C) Ad for Honeymoon Couples

Headline: If marriages were made in heaven.. Then honeymoons were to be made here...

Visual: Couple looking out on the scenery from a hill station/sunset on the beach/backwater. Easy font no geometric blocks seamless layout.
Body: It’s a time for togetherness..a time to discover. And God meant it that way. Back waters, beaches, hill stations ... feel blessed.
Tag: Kerala: Gods own country

D) To promote Hill Stations

Headline: At xxxxx ft above sea level you feel closer to God!
Visual: Scenes from hill stations
Body:Its something you pray for. Long tree lined pathways for just the two of you. A lake with a boat and a gentle sun smiling through the mist. Evenings in front of a Victorian,gardens, mountain views....sometimes life is but a dream come true
Tag: Kerala: Gods own country

E) To promote Beaches

Headlines: Worship the Sun in Gods Own Country
Visual: Lone tourist sunbathing on a beach
Body: The tourist to Gods own country is known to follow many rituals. It mostly begins with the morning sun worship, the piscean feast follows for lunch and soon it is a lazy obeisance to Neptune. An Ayurvedic massage precedes an evening rendezvous at the cultural melting pots. Lunar worship is often in private and in the quiet privacy of tree top houses, house boats and the many cottages that dot the coast line. Life follows a sinfully slow pace here….
Tag: Kerala:Gods own country

F) To promote Meetings Incentives Conventions Exhibitions

Headline:Business Plans are best laid in God's presence
Visual: Landscape shots.
Body:Blue sky meetings are best held under blue skies. Proximity to breathtaking backwaters won't harm either. Brain storms are less stormy and more sanguine if Ayurvedic spas are close at hand. Lateral thinking is best attempted after a look at some of the oldest art forms and cultures. Shall we say divine intervention is known to happen at conventions held in these surrounding?
Tag: Kerala: Gods own country

G) To promote religious tourism or the temple trail

Headline: Beauty Pageant in Gods Own Country
                  Fashion show from the House of God
Visual: Elephants at Trichur Pooram
Body: In Trichur, every year in May, the Pooram is celebrated at the temples of Thiruvambadi and Parmekavu, with the deities perched on the temple elephants. Pachyderms bedecked in gold, with constantly changing colourful umbrellas atop them, sway their ears in tune to the rythm of the panchavadyam ( orchestra of five instruments). A sea of devotees throng the gardens here and drink in the sight and sway to the chant and beat of the panchavadyam, lost in a trance, as it were. It’s Gods own rave party at high noon !!

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