Monday, October 12, 2009

Mayan Consultants International : 2009-2010

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Tied up with a lot of similar freelance talent that include public relations outfits, film production houses, digital design shops, animation and special effects experts to start a freelance network that can provide all the services of a large agency without the frills under one roof. These ads help garner that talent and was written by me and art directed by a freelance talent.
Clients too have started calling up.

Pro -Bono Work for Adoption

Lord Krishna

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This is pro-bono work to support adoption from registered charities. There are some misgivings and apprehensions among many with regard to adoption and most have to do with how the child will turn out. This is an effort to assuage such concerns. Lord Krishna himself was brought up by foster parents. The picture shows Yashoda with the young Krishna.
Art is by Kishor Gaikwad and Copy by Vinod Natesan

Adoption Ad: Steve Jobs 

                                     Copy and Art: Vinod Natesan

                          Adoption Ad- Kabir

Copy and Art :Vinod Natesan

Adoption Ad- Edgar Allan Poe

Copy and Art: Vinod Natesan

Adoption Ad - Faith Hill

Copy and Art: Vinod Natesan

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Copy and Art: Vinod Natesan


                                                     Editorial support for News letters

Project Reports are restructured after content appraisal and reedited.

An assignment for the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation through INBAR, a Beijing based concern. This organization promotes bamboo cultivation as a means to economic and social development. My inputs include editorial support  in preparation of project reports with a partner concern called Edit International, which is based in Bangalore.


This was an interesting assignment and meant extensive desk research to get interesting details on festivals, customs in various parts of the world and the country as also little known details of sportspeople, short write ups on architectural wonders, on languages of the world et al.
the website is available at
They also have a children's newspaper.

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