Friday, September 17, 2010

Mayan Consultants 2010: Adoption Ad Campaign

This campaign was done on a pro-bono basis and is available to all adoption agencies which operate within the approved parameters of the law. I did this when a close relative of mine went in for adoption and saw for myself the questions that nagged them and the counsel given. I believe giving someone a chance in life is one of the most selfless things one can do.


Anomie Miss said...

Wonderful perception, but lets not forget either about the many adopted children who grow up, not to be famous, but as an integral part of a loving family!

Vinod Natesan said...

@Anomie Miss. Appreciate your comment. I do hope and believe that there are many adopted children who live happy contented lives. However for this campaign I had to use celebrities since information about them is in public domain. Using private individuals would have been difficult and there would have been issues of credibility.
The key barrier to genuine adoption in India was the perception that adopted children
come from doubtful pedigree and
may have maladaptive genes. My campaign was to address that specifically.
Thank you and God Bless.